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Dance Anthems w/ Richie – Demo Show

1Dance Anthems w/ Richie - Demo Show

Dance Anthems is BACK, and the show needs to show what it’s worth before the first show, so here’s our demo for stations. New sound, new music, new look, same presenter. Oh yeah, Richie is still here.

So then, what is this thing? Dance Anthems is a totally FREE syndicated radio show, bringing the hottest from the dance scene – both old and new straight to station airwaves, worldwide.

With features such as;

– On Air Guests (Primarily Artists within the Dance Industry)
– Who Did it Better (A game that gets the listeners to vote on old vs new edits of records)
– The Beatport Top 10 (The recap of the weeks biggest dance records!)
– Richie’s Banger of the week (My banger of the week!)
– High-Quality imaging provided by 4udio.

Dance Anthems gets uploaded weekly for your Radiohead/dance/rave needs, whatever is appropriate at the time.

Get us on your radio: