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About Dance Anthems

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Dance Anthems is a syndicated Radio Show that broadcasts across stations worldwide. Dance Anthems has a history in the Radio industry and was first mentioned in December of 2020 – Where Richie (Richie Thomas) decided to bring his love for dance music to Radio, but he lacked both experience and funding to create a unique station for this. Fast-forward to April of 2021, and the first-ever show of Dance Anthems with Joe & Richie came around. At this time Joe & Richie were “partners in crime,” leading to the creation of 39 Unique weeks of Dance Anthems shows. That’s more than a year of the lot!
Over that year, Dance Anthems grew a massive 30+ Stations that were broadcasting the show, across 5 Countries and 3 Continents. It was worldwide!
Dance Anthems had featured guests on the show, Alfie Cridland and Karen Harding, both Dance Artists making their marks in the industry.
The show had an abrupt ending due to changes in location for both parties of the show, and little mention of it since.

“Dance Anthems was a passion-project of mine for as long as I could remember, and the one thing I wanted was to bring it back. I’ve worked around the clock to seek for possibilities to bring the show back and I’ve managed to negotiate the best solution to bring the show back. I hope it goes as well as it did before”

Richie Thomas

As of November 2022, it was announced that Dance anthems would be returning to the airwaves later in the month. The show has high expectations and is ever-growing, providing the best dance anthems for your inner rave.

Dance Anthems now plays a mix of Dance, Pop, a bit of old, a bit of new, and all those bangers you know and love!

Dance Anthems is now featuring items on the show that involve, but aren’t limited to;
– On Air Guests (Primarily Artists within the Dance Industry)
– Who Did it Better (A game that gets the listeners to vote on old vs new edits of records)
– The Beatport Top 10 (The recap of the weeks biggest dance records!)
– Richie’s Banger of the week (My banger of the week!)
– High-Quality imaging provided by 4udio.